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KMV For Land Owners

We believe in creating value to all stakeholders by identifying the market need, designing a world class product, marketing the product transparently & maintaining the community for generations. By integrating all aspects of a community development, the product evolution is quick, efficient and user focused. 


As you submit the below required land details, our expert teams will evaluate and discuss the proposals with you in three stages: 


At this stage, our teams evaluate the legal soundness of the property and the micro market requirements. After a thorough study, we will propose an initial development concept to the landowner. 


After considering the landowner’s feedback during the Preliminary stage, we refine the floor plans, specifications & commercials and arrive at a common understanding for the project. The same shall be captured in an MoU between all the relevant parties.  


In this crucial stage, the entire life cycle of the project gets determined. We get into the finer details of the development process in terms of financial & contractual proceedings to enter into the Development Agreement.


Our 3 step process ensures that interests of all stakeholders are captured in a methodical fashion. Please fill in as many details to ensure fast review of the development

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