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Founded in 2016, KMV Spaces' has only one vision: to revolutionise the way spaces are built in India. For the world's fastest-growing country, far lesser concentration has been placed on the kind of dwellings that are being erected across the nation. Under the wing of KMV Group, spearheaded by Prudhvi Ram K, KMV Spaces started out in the city of Vijayawada, establishing a highly credited name with its luxury project KMV Vivaan in 2016, building world-class apartments and villas designed by WOW! Architects of Singapore. The homes have introduced spacious and futuristic living to the emerging city of Vijayawada, with large green terraces and sustainable systems.

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From humble beginnings more than 100 years ago, KMV is now one of the leading engineering and construction companies operating in eleven states across India.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, KMV Group has undertaken many prestigious projects, including Pondicherry Airport, IIM Indore, IIIT, ICFAI (Bangalore and Jaipur), AIIMS (Nagpur, WB, Mangalgiri), NTPC Solapur, Bangalore Medical College, Metro Stations Jaipur, and many more hospitals, educational institutions, irrigation projects, roads and important infrastructure for the nation, with the latest being Delhi Airport's Elevated Taxiway. Providing quality construction has been at the core of KMV Projects and it's what has been bringing clients back to us.

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A technology enthusiast with a passion for design and construction, Prudhvi Ram is a Construction Management graduate from NYU. He brings to KMV Spaces core expertise in domestic and international construction industries.

Prudhvi Ram Kanakamedala

Managing Partner


Venkatesh Yaramati

Sales & Marketing

Janardhana Rao S

Engineering & Construction

Ravi Kumar Vemula

Procurement Management


Sangameshwara Rao K


Prasad V V S D

People Management


Customer Centricity

Our customers are at the centre of everything we build and envision. We believe our prosperity lies in serving them

Quality and Perfection

Decades of experience, with a policy to deliver uncompromising quality, gives everything we build the perfection it deserves.

Technology Infused Design

We are a tech-savvy company and we constantly track the market for the latest developments to use them in our design.

Transparency & Integrity

An internal imperative and ranked the first in our corporate governance, we strive to maintain transparency in all internal & external issues.

Agility & Punctuality

We believe in being on time, every time be it customer response or product delivery.


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