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December -2023


Greetings from

We wish you, your family, and all those dear to you good health and happiness!

We've got fresh updates on your new homes and the developing surroundings. Curious to see it all? Our sales office is open every day from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. The entire crew at KMV Spaces is committed to making your dream home at KMV Vivaan a reality with speed and dedication.


Progress on 

The Tallest building in Vijayawada

Start the New Year with a New Home!

Your dream home is coming to life by January! With most of the nine profiles approaching completion, The flooring work has progressed up to the 20th floor.
Additionally, we've wrapped up the first coat of painting up to the 15th floor. We're as eager as you are to see your dream home come to life!
Stay tuned for more updates and on-site progress!

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Whats happening

 Villa Phase 1? 

At KMV Vivaan We celebrated Independence Day with pride and joy, showcasing the essence of unity. And the joy of Ganesh Chaturthi brought us together in cultural harmony.

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newsletter dec23 v1.jpg
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Update on 

Villa Phase 2! 

Exciting update! All Phase 2 villas are now complete. Residents are joyfully celebrating housewarmings as the community comes to life. We welcome residents to their newly completed homes!

Image by Precondo CA

Invest in 

The Tallest Building In Vijayawada!

The sale of our commercial slots is now open! Internal customers will receive first preference and exclusive deals. Don't miss this opportunity to secure your space with us.10 years of guaranteed returns for more details contact:-602 602 602 7

Capture the
Tallest Building
in Vijayawada.

Ever noticed that KMV Vivaan is visible from almost every corner of Vijayawada?
Well, it’s time to capture its beauty and enter our contest! 

1. Take cool pictures of the tallest building in Vijayawada.   2. Share them on your Instagram story and main feed.
3. Tag us (@kmvspaces) and make sure to follow us.
Submissions will be accepted for the contest until: 
31st JANUARY 2024!
#1 - ₹10,000
#2-  ₹ 7,500
#3 - ₹5,000



Thank you

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